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Howl-o-ween Costume Contest

Dot and Peanut.jpeg

Peanut and Dot 3rd Place


Jade 1st Place

Rusty Kirby.jpg

Rusty 2nd Place

Last year Jade won first place, Rusty won second place and the Tacos, Peanut and Dot won third place. 

Elton Culhane 2
Kindle Culhane Miss Piggy
Penny Lynch Lucy as the Red Baron
Seneca and Barkley
Titan and Samson Ford - Howl-o-ween Contest 2020
Taggart m
Bandit Bain and his posse- Sunshine & Rue
Dot and Peanut
Scout (2)
Bundens 1
Busy Bee
Desi Culhane Headless Horseman (2)
Rusty Kirby
Construction Worker
IMG_2096 - Copy
Dragon 1
Bella and Kaila as a Bumblebee and Butte
IMG_2081 - Copy
Sophie the Hippy
Count Dracular
Lion and family (2) s
IMG_1932 - Copy
Tucker the Cow
Stella starrring as Bat Girl
Thing 1 and 2 s
IMG_6297 (2)
Diesel the Dinosaur
Jack the Dinosaur
Bride and Groom (2)
Hula Girl (2)
Cowboy Cooper

Here are some pictures from previous years

We are having a Howl-o-ween costume contest during the month of October.  Take a picture of your pet or pets in costume and send it to by October 25th.  We will then post the pictures on the website and everyone has a week to vote for their favorite pet.  There are prizes for the top three winners.  First place is a collar, second place is a toy and third place is a bag of treats.  Please enter and encourage your friends to send their pictures and to vote for their favorite also.  The cool thing is that people all over the country can enter!


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