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Pet Health and Behavior

While your pets are with us we provide top notch care, but the happiest life for your pets relies on the care at home most of all!

We've provided resources and some general pet care information to help you care for your fuzzy friends. 

Why does my dog jump on people and how can I stop it?

Jumping is a behavior that is most often accidentally reinforced by owners. Some dogs jump to greet humans the way they greet other dogs; by licking their face! Some dogs find it as a way to control humans and may growl or snap when pushed off. No matter the reason, jumping behaviors can be changed almost immediately without having to resort to physical punishments.


Decide how you would rather your dog greet you and other people: Sitting is usually the best option. Then be consistent. If your dog thinks they have the slightest chance at getting the outcome they want (getting your attention), they will keep trying to jump up. Don't give in, it will only reinforce behaviors you don't like.

  • Remove all attention if the dog is jumping on you.

    • Turn your back or walk back out of the house.

    • Now re-enter and watch closely.

  • Be quick and reach down to pet or click and treat your dog before they jump on you.

    • If they start to jump again, turn your back.

    • Repeat several times for several days in a row.

  • Setup a training session for at-the-door greeting:

    • Tie your dog on a 6 foot leash to a sturdy, stationary object.

    • Walk towards your dog.

      • If they start to jump, back away.

      • If they sit, rush in and pet them or click/treat.

    • Repeat several times and have other people approach as well.

    • Use this method when the kids or your spouse comes home.

  • Setup a training session to teach your dog to go to 'his spot':  

    • Get a mat/towel, leash, collar, training treats and a helper.

    • Lead him to the mat and reward with food.

      • Throw the food on the mat to reinforce the spot.

    • Try and slowly move away from mat, still throwing food on mat.

    • Give stay command if your dog is already trained.

    • Now, have helper stand in the open doorway.

      • Reward dog for staying on mat.

      • Be sure to do this on leash.

    • Work up to the helper opening the door, knocking on door, ringing doorbell.

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