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We offer Doggy Daycare, Self-Serve Swimming, Assisted Swimming, Land Play Days, and Swim Play Days. 

Doggy Daycare 

Drop your dog off for the day to play with friends while you're at work or just need to get some errands done! They will spend their day outside playing with other dogs and the AFPPTeam, with a break in the middle of the day for a nap.


We have two large play areas outside for them to run and play with each other under supervision. Activities we can provide include: puzzles, training, small group play with AFPP team members, hikes, etc. 

If it is your dog's first time, please call to schedule an evaluation. Dogs react differently to other groups of strangers when you're not there and Doggy Daycare may not be ideal for their personality. Evaluations are scheduled for 7:30 am to give your dog the time to become comfortable with the space before meeting new dogs.

New Hours:
Monday thru Saturday  7am - 6 pm

(Holiday availability varies) 



Single Day: 

First Dog:  $36

Additional Dog(s): $30/each

10 Day Punch Card:

First Dog: $332

Additional Dog(s): $285

20 Day Punch Card: 

First Dog: $630

Additional Dog(s): $540


Requirements for All Activities and Daycare:

  • -When you drop off your dog for Doggy Daycare or training, please put them in the gated area next to the office that leads into the dog yard. Take off the collar and leash and take them with you. Call us before picking up and we will put the dog back in the gated area. You may give us a credit card over the phone if you don't have a package. Please let us know when you are coming.

  • Your dog will need the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (within 6 months) and Canine Influenza. 

  • They need to be on a flea and tick preventative. 

    • If we find fleas on your pet, we will treat them at your expense. 

  • A fecal

    • If the dog is on heartworm preventative, then a negative fecal within a year is accepted. 

    • If the dog is not on heartworm preventative, then we require a negative fecal within 6 months. 

Vaccination records can be emailed to us at, or a physical copy may be brought in at check-in. We reserve the right to deny service if records 

AFPP assumes no responsibility for the health, soundness, or condition of the dog to participate in the swimming or training at AFPP. AFPP also reserves the right to refuse access to any individual or animal species that AFPP feels may endanger or threaten the safety of themselves, other animals or other individuals.

If you can not bring them or pick them up, we offer pickup and delivery. We are currently only offering this on Wednesday.  We can pick up or drop off on another day at the per mile price.



  • $1.50/mile  

  • Bristow area: $16/dog

  • Gainsville & Haymarket:  $16/dog

  • Warrenton: $10/dog

  • Bealeton: $6/dog

Call us for more details.


Our Pool is back OPEN! Schedule your Swim! 

Swimming is by appointment only. Each session is scheduled for 30 minutes. (This includes any preparation and washing or drying afterwards.) 

Swimming is available with AFPP Team Member assistance. We recommend this for older dogs, puppies, first-time swimmers, and for dogs with health conditions.

Please brush your dog before coming for your appointment. 


Summer: Monday thru Saturday 8am - 6pm Sunday 8am-12pm

Summer Assisted: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Fall: Monday thru Saturday 8am - 5pm

Winter: Monday thru Saturday 8am - 5pm

Winter and Fall Assisted: Monday and Saturday

(Holiday availability varies) 



Self Swim: 

First Dog, first 30 minutes:  $37

First Dog, additional 30 minutes: $31

Additional dog, any session: $21

Self Swim Packages:

First Dog, first 30 minutes: $370/11 swims

First Dog, additional 30 minutes: $310/11 swims

Additional Dog per session:  $210/11 swims

Assisted Swim:

Per Dog: $52

Assisted Swim Packages: 

First Dog, first 30 minutes: $520/11 swims

First Dog, additional 30 minutes: $460/11 swims

Why should I take my dog swimming?

Swimming can be incredibly beneficial to people and dogs. It allows for a nearly full-body exercise without the stress or strain on the joints from walking or running. Water resistance causes the muscles to work harder, giving the body a better workout in 5-minutes of swimming compared to running. 

If your dog is fit, swimming can be used to improve strength and stamina. This can help to protect them from injuries when they are running or chasing a ball. 

If your dog has a medical condition that restricts or prohibits normal exercise, swimming is vital. For conditions such as osteo-arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other orthopedic conditions such as fractures , swimming provides a weightless exercise to improve joint movement, increases circulation, and builds muscle, while walking on hard ground could be painful and cause lameness.


For those dogs who need to lose weight, swimming can enable a good use of the muscles and increase the metabolic rate. Since the water helps to support the weight, the bones and joints are not over stressed.

As with any fitness program, we need to start slow so don't be surprised if your dog can only swim for a few minutes at a time. As their fitness improves, they will be able to swim for longer periods. We will put a life preserver on them until they can swim well without one. When your dog first starts with us, we will be in the pool to assist them.  Once they are confident, you may choose unassisted swimming or we will be happy to continue to help with them.

Play Days

Land Playday

Bring your dog out to play! For an hour on Saturdays you and your dog can play with our groups. 

Bring your dog on leash and once they have greeted each other we will let them loose to play.  We have an acre fenced in the front yard for the large dogs and a half an acre fenced in the back yard for the small dogs and puppies with lots of shade so they can play safely. 

If we do not have their vaccinations on file, please bring a copy when you come.

Satuday 2pm-3pm




If your dog doesn't play well with others or you can't come during the scheduled play days, you can still reserve the play area for your dog to be able to run free in a safe, fenced area.  Just call and reserve a time.  The cost is still only $5.00/dog for an hour of play.

Pool Playday

Special for our Summer only Activities, we have Pool Play day! 

Bring your dog to swim, splash, and have fun with other dogs in the pool.  They must get along with others.


The first day this summer will be May 15, 2023 and we will continue pool play day thru September.  

Summer Saturdays: 3pm - 4pm



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