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Levels Training
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Class Schedule: 


Level 1: 9:00am 7/22/23-9/2/23

Level 2: 10:00am 7/22/23-9/2/23

Level 3 & 4: 11:00am 7/22/23-9/2/23

What is Levels Training?


Levels Obedience Training is a group program with multiple tiers of classes and skill focuses.  This programmed is designed to let you move at your own speed.


If the concepts in Level 1 are easy for your dog, you may only spend a few classes in this level before moving on to Level 2.  If your dog needs more time with the concepts they can stay in Level 1 until they're ready to move on.  


If you are unable to attend scheduled classes, also check out One-on-One Training.

You will need the following paperwork to register for classes.


  • Your dog will need the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (within 6 months) and Canine Influenza. 

  • They need to be on a flea and tick preventative. 

    • If we find fleas on your pet, we will treat them at your expense. 

  • A fecal is also required.  If the dog is on heartworm preventative, then a negative fecal within a year is accepted.  If the dog is not on heartworm preventative, then we require a negative fecal within 6 months.


Please call 540-439-PAWS (7297) or go to Forms page to get a registration form for your dog. 


Mail or drop off the form with a check for the level you would like and a copy of your dog’s vaccination record.




Training helps your dog be an enjoyable member of the family. It strengthens the bond between the owner and dog. It builds mutual respect, understanding, and communication.  An untrained dog is likely to misbehave and make life miserable for everyone, including the dog. We offer fun, force-free positive dog training that will help you enjoy being with your dog even more than you do now.  The more you interact with your dog, the better you understand each other.

We offer our Obedience classes in Levels so your dog can learn at its own pace.  Some dogs are overwhelmed when they first come to a class and this gives them time to adjust.  Others have had some training and move thru the program at a faster rate.

LEVEL 1: Starting Out


9:00 am

Level 1 will introduce the basic commands: Sit, Down, Stationary Attention, and the Name Game. We will also work on problem behaviors such as: jumping, play-biting, and house training.


All dogs (even those with prior training) start in level 1. 

Requirements To Move To Level 2:

  • Dog can sit and down on command. Lures and hand signals are allowed.

  • Dog will respond readily to their name with mild distractions.

Level 2: Manners Training



In Level 2 we will work on walking politely on a loose leash without pulling, paying attention to the owner while walking, and ignoring other dogs. We'll also begin working on come and stay. Level 2 includes problem-solving information for behaviors such as barking, digging, chewing, etc.  


Requirements To Move To Level 3:

  • Dog can walk nicely around the training area with attention on owner (and no pulling) with other dogs 4-5 feet away.

  • Dog will come when called on leash with mild distractions.  

  • Dog will sit and down with just a verbal command.

level 3: aDding Distractions



In Level 3 we will work on a long-distance come command, stay with distractions, loose-leash walking past distractions, and distance commands.

Requirements To Move To Level 4:

  • Dog will stay for 30 seconds with mild distractions and owner standing on the leash.

  • Dog will heel past other dogs with leash over owner's shoulder.

  • Dog will come from 20 feet away with moderate distractions.      

LEVEL 4: Advanced Training



In Level 4 we will work on polishing the come command by teaching an emergency come, strengthen the stay command by teaching the dog to stay for longer periods of time at a greater distance from the owner, work on turns and automatic sit in heeling.

Level 4 End Goals:

  • Dog can heel off-leash past other dogs and distractions.

  • Dog will stay 10 feet away from owner for 3 minutes with distractions.

  • Dog will come off leash past distractions from 30 feet away.

  • Dog is able to pass the Canine Good Citizen test.

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